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Our Story


It really all started because I am a left-handed person. Finding  left-handed gun holsters at a decent price and one that’s of excellent quality, well, those are hard to come by now-a-days. When it comes to concealed carry, it’s not about just getting something that fits your gun to be hidden under your clothes. No, it’s about making sure that holster fits you properly. It needs to have good retention and needs to stay holstered until..."Your front sight becomes your last resort".

Another reason I ventured into making holsters is because when my oldest daughter, Avery, started shooting at the age of 9 in competitions. You should check her out: @tactiavery on Instagram. Well, they don’t make holsters for children. I wanted to make a holster that she could wear comfortably.

And thankfully, I am good at making things with my hands.

So, out of the desire to have a good quality holster and to provide more for my daughter, that paved the way to start up this small business. I started getting lots of requests to make these holsters from family and friends. This seemed to be the opportunity to branch out and do more. So, we took that next step and out of that was born FSTactical. We are thankful for the opportunity to serve others in this community. We take pride in making some of the best quality holsters around. We not only check to make sure that these holsters secure the weapon properly, but we enjoy meeting the needs of those in the community. We can’t wait to see where God takes us on this journey! I owe everything to Him and thank Him for the people who have surrounded me and supported me as I make this dream become a reality. This is just a small story about us feel free to always ask or follow our journey on social media!

"Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people" Colossians 3:23

"FSTatcial when your front sight is your last resort!"
"FSTatcial when your front sight is your last resort!"